Spectro Light Blast 400

The Blast series is targeted at smaller, but important for us, growers. It is a construction which is economical without losing the quality of the components used.

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The main features of the product:

  • Real power 400W
  • Unparalleled PAR/W performance
  • Full spectrum from 430 nm to 680 nm
  • Ultra quiet cooling ~24dB
  • Optical glass lens with 97% transmission
  • Option to select the beam angle of 90° or 120°
  • LED COB CITIZEN V Generation - much more efficient than Cree or Bridgelux 
  • Ideal for Growbox 120 cm x 120 cm – 140 cm – 140 cm
  • Cluster housing (spacing between lamps) 150 cm-180 cm

Why choose LED illuminators?

  • Development is our second name. We conduct ongoing research on improving our products using the latest technologies.
  • The PAR full spectrum is a guarantee of covering all needs of the plant in all phases of its growth.
  • Products grown under our illuminators have much higher quality indexes of the final product.
  • Light efficiency provides 50-60% energy savings, without loss of quality.
  • Our products have been tested by the largest Institutes of Plant Breeding in Poland and have passed tests in greenhouses.
  • To ensure the highest quality, our company gives a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for any damage.

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