Spectro Light Xplosion 800

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Spectro Light Xplosion 800


Explosion 800 is our flagship, which was made without compromise. The X800 is the perfect combination of power and technology.


The housing has been redesigned to make the illuminator more compact and better cooled.

Thanks to the new optical system we can guarantee the unprecedented uniformity of light distribution, and its spectrum and power make it possible for you to reach a new level of your crops productivity. Check us out and you will never want to use HPS type lamps again ... 



Product parameters: 

  •          100% RedBoost On 793W 805VA PF=0.98
  •          100% RedBoost Off 718W 730VA PF=0.98
  •          60%  RedBoost On 525w  540VA PF=0.97
  •          60%  RedBoost Off 448W 465VA PF=0.96
  •          Beam angle 120°
  •          Dimensions 39x45x10cm
  •          Weight 7.2kg
  •          Active cooling. Noise 37.5Db
  •          Anodized aluminum housing
  •          Boron-silicon glass lenses (scratch-resistant) IP67 tightness class
  •          5 years warranty
  •          Lifetime of >80 000 hours

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