Spectro Light Starter 130

Starter 130 W is a patented design with full spectrum of sunlight, produced in Poland. 100% hand-assembled lighting. Thanks to the use of highest quality components, the lamp exceeds even 250 W sodium lamp. It can be used at the vegetative phase as well as in the growth phase of the plant. We guarantee that in 60x60 or even 80x80 box it will have no mercy for competitors.

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Illuminator parameters:

  • Full spectrum of visible light
  • 100% RedBoost On 129W 130VA PF = 0.99
  • 100% RedBoost Off 90W 91VA PF = 0.99
  • Angle of illumination 120° Dimensions 18x12x10cm
  • Weight 2.2 Kg
  • Active cooling. Noise 40.5Db
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Boron-silicon glass lenses (scratch-resistant)
  • IP67 lens tightness class (Total dust protection, Protection against effects of immersion in water up to 1m deep)
  • 5 years warranty
  • lifetime of 80,000 hours
  • Produces less heat than the competition

Why choose LED illuminators?

  • Development is our second name. We conduct ongoing research on improving our products using the latest technologies.
  • The PAR full spectrum is a guarantee of covering all needs of the plant in all phases of its growth.,
  • Products grown under our illuminators have much higher quality indexes of the final product.
  • Light efficiency provides 50-60% energy savings, without loss of quality.
  • Our products have been tested by the largest Institutes of Plant Growing in Poland and have passed tests in greenhouses.
  • To ensure the highest quality, our company gives a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for any damage

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